Welcome to the Riley Entertainment website!

I'm Ryan, also known as “The Riley Man”. This is where you'll find all my content related to gaming, independent game development, and entertainment in general.

In the summer of 2021, I nervously made the decision to resign my position as a software developer in order to focus on content creation and game development. Over the next year, I hope to build up a comprehensive catalog of resources for other aspiring independent game developers, along with enjoyable gaming videos and short animated films. I'll also be actively seeking out games made by other independent creators, particularly those using C++, general frameworks like SFML, and flexible tools like the Tiled map editor.

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Find out more about me, the software I use to create my content, and my past works.


My gaming “career” dates all the way back to the text adventure games on the Commodore Vic-20 and Commodore 64. Since then, I've taken a liking to just about anything Star Wars related, retro 2D arcade games, or open world adventures.

The game I've played the most in the past few years is the open galaxy space MMO called Eve Online. I have plenty of Eve Online videos over on my main Riley Entertainment Youtube channel. Some feature big PvP fleets, and others act as video guides for PvE content.

Visit the Gaming section regularly for new content.

Game Dev

Independent game development will be my primary focus during my time as a self-employed individual. For the near-term, I've chosen to put the majority of my efforts into the C++ development environment. Expect to see plenty of learn-as-you-go content here related to the C++ language, the CMake build tools, the SFML library, and a variety of game development tools such as the Tiled map editor.

Visit the Game Dev section regularly for new blog posts and updates on my upcoming game, The Colon Case.


I got the bug to create animated films after a friend got me a copy of The Movies by Lionhead Studios. Unfortunately this game was abandoned, and now only exists in various archives and blogs from its community members. Since then, a number of other machinima and pre-visualization tools have become available. Among the earliest spiritual successors was Moviestorm, which I plan to use should I become inspired to try my hands at animated filmmaking again.

Visit the Films section to watch my animated films from the 2006 through 2009 period.

Side Projects

Alongside my gaming and game development content, I have a number of other ongoing side projects. Visit the Side Projects section for more information:

  • Web Development guides
  • Investing and Trading in Canada
  • Exploring Winnipeg Parks