About Me

I'm Ryan, also known as “The Riley Man”. I'm situated in Winnipeg, Canada, a city of a little over 700,000 who brave the cold winters near the geographical center of North America.

I started my software development career as a contract worker, then accepted a position as a senior software developer for about 11 years. Through it all, I've always had the desire to create my own content, whether it be writing fiction, crafting animated films, or designing my own game engines and game worlds. Between the disruptions caused by *cough* recent world events, and an analysis of my financial situation, I decided to resign my position and go all-in as the sole proprietor of my own content creation business.

And so the dawn of Riley Entertainment begins in August of 2021. Here's to hoping this will last me the rest of my lifetime!

About this Website

Hosting for the Riley Entertainment website is currently provided by Web Hosting Canada.

At launch, this website has been kept simple. As the majority of the content is static, I'm using the text editor Notepad++ to build the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript by hand. I use Gimp, the Gnu Image Manipulation Program, to put together the graphical works.

As I go about introducing more streams of content that require a more dynamic approach, I may eventually switch to the use of a content management system like WordPress. But for the time-being, simple HTML serves my purpose!