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This film is now in release!

A short film by Ryan "the Riley Man" Robinson.

For My Fellow Soldier follows one British soldier as he journeys through Normandy, and touches the lives of those around him. After his first tour of duty completed, Lance Holmes found himself in love with a captivating woman who had fled the German occupation in Paris. Lance and his new wife Stephanie then moved north to central England, making themselves a new home.

As the Normandy campaign continued to grow, and casualties mounted, Lance was informed his services would once again be required. His dedication to the continued war effort immediately found itself at odds with his new life. Stephanie would have to wait back in England, as Lance travelled through Normandy with a new squad to protect one small village in France...


The characters and specific events in this film are fictional, but are based around locations and events during World War II.


This film was created using "The Movies" videogame, and the "Stunts & Effects" expansion pack. The final film was originally released March 24, 2007, and is now available in high-resolution as well as DVD!




Last updated May 31, 2015.

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