Eve Online

Riley Entertainment is home to my comprehensive set of PvE combat site and ship fitting video guides for Eve Online.

Keep checking back for ongoing content!

Combat Site Guides

Check out my growing collection of 13-part video guides for high security combat sites. Future series will be available for Sansha's Nation and Rogue Drone sites.

Angel Cartel
Minmatar space
Blood Raiders
West Amarr space
Caldari space
Sansha's Nation
East Amarr space
(In Progress)
Gallente space

PvE Ship Fitting Guides

Check out my growing collection of PvE ship fitting guides! Future guides will be available for regular cruisers, faction cruisers, and heavy assault cruisers.

New Players
4-Part Series
Navy Exploration Frigates
All Players
Single Video
Assault Frigates
Omega Pilots
3-Part Series
Tactical Destroyers
Omega Pilots
5-Part Series

Gallente Cosmos Guide

The Gallente Cosmos sites are situated in the Algintal constellation, between the Dodixie and Hek trade hubs. Mission agents can be found at beacons throughout the constellation, offering Gallente faction standings and unique modules or blueprints as rewards.

By mid-2019, I completed my 24-part video guide and a companion website detailing all the Gallente mission agents and Cosmos sites found in Algintal.

Unfortunately, Cosmos content is outdated and neglected, and occasionally buggy. As far as I'm aware, my guide is the most recent and comprehensive you'll find on the web.

Based on recent experience, I may need to revisit the mission chain Path to Enlightenment from Sebast Mathon. It seems like the unique Serpentis Crook pirates that drop the Binary Transpositional Code have not been spawning the way they used to. This affects the ability of pilots to gain access to the Yan Jung Relic Site.

Gallente Epic Arc: Syndication

The Gallente Epic Arc is a mission chain named Syndication, beginning at the Roineron Aviviere beacon in Dodixie. You will need a faction standing of 7 with the Gallente Federation to start the chain.

In 2017, I completed a 13-part video playthrough of the Gallente epic arc, piloting an Ishkur. This is more of a playthrough than it is a guide, with a dash of role-play, and set to the fantastic Eve Online soundtrack as a backdrop.

CAS Combat Day

CAS Combat Day is a semi-regular PvP event held by a group of players who stayed in their starter corporation, the Center for Advanced Studios. New pilots are escorted from Orvolle into dangerous null-security space, where they can get their first taste of large-scale PvP battles.

When I'm feeling like a break from my PvE and exploration activities, I occasionally join the fray. When we get a fun battle, and I remember to start recording, I put together gameplay videos and set them to Eve Online music.

About Me

The majority of my time in Eve Online is spent exploring on my own, though I do occasionally join in-game events such as CAS Combat Day for PvP (player-vs-player) battles. I enjoy putting together video guides for both traditional and lesser-known PvE (player-vs-environment) activities.

Planned Content

Every so often, I produce a video detailing my plan for Eve Online content in the future. Check out my latest Content Roadmap video , released near the end of May 2022:

  • Late Summer and Fall 2022 - Tactical Destroyer ship fitting guides (Complete!)
  • Fall into Winter 2022 - Sansha's Nation combat site guides (In Progress)
  • Winter 2022 into 2023 - Rogue Drone combat site guides
  • 2023? - Cruiser ship fitting guides for younger players
  • 2023? - Faction Cruiser ship fitting guides
  • 2023? - Data and Relic site guides
  • 2023? - Abyssal Deadspace guides