Side Projects

While I build up my gaming and game development content, I'll also have several side projects going at the same time:

  • Web Development - Blog posts and guides related to building websites and applications running on a browser.
  • Trading and Investing - Canadian stock market analysis and investing information.
  • Exploring Winnipeg Parks - Photo galleries and resources for Winnipeggers and visitors about the many public parks in Winnipeg.

Short Satirical Films

Satirical films made primarily with Moviestorm! As the channel grows, you'll find plenty of one-off videos with my take on contemporary events. The flagship series will be centered around a fictional news station named No Details News.

Web Development

At the initial launch, this website consisted of static HTML and CSS. My web host provides scripting with PHP, which I'm now using to gather content from external sources such as Medium , GitHub , and Youtube .

Check out my web development blog for ongoing techie guides.

Trading and Investing

Having resigned my position as a software developer, I needed a way to mitigate the downward trend that will be coming soon to my bank account. 😅

I've started a new Youtube channel called Riley's Trading Post that will focus on the Canadian stock market. My first video is up, and takes you through some of the online resources available.

I'm fairly new to investing, but have spent plenty of time the past few months searching for good-quality resources to expand my knowledge:

  • What are the different types of accounts available in Canada?
  • What trading platforms are available?
  • What is an ETF (Exchange Traded Fund), and what fund companies are out there?

I'll be tackling all of these topics, along with chart analysis of Canadian stocks.

Exploring Winnipeg Parks

In an effort to reconnect with nature a little bit, I decided to start visiting as many parks along the Assiniboine River as I could manage. I quickly realized this could also be an opportunity to set up a section here on my website dedicated to our city's parks.

Watch this space for photo galleries, directions, and information about Winnipeg parks. As a nice little tie-in with the Web Development section, I also have a guide planned for the wonderful Leaflet map API.