Web Development

With several decades of web development experience now behind me, it seems appropriate to share a little of my knowledge here on the Riley Entertainment website. My focus here will be to provide guides and ideas on how to integrate various social media platforms into a website.

I currently have some introductory guides on RSS Feeds, the GitHub REST API, and the Youtube Data API. I'll be covering more web-based APIs as I build up this website.

If you're looking for more basic information on web development such as HTML, CSS, or JavaScript, the best place to start is the Mozilla Developer Network (MDN) .

RSS Feeds

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, and is a specification designed by the RSS Advisory Board . RSS is commonly used by blogging platforms, and allows readers of a blog to subscribe to the feed so they never miss a post. I personally use Mozilla Thunderbird for my RSS subscriptions.

RSS is really just a specific XML specification. Most blog or content management systems provide built-in support for generating RSS feeds, and simply provide a dedicated URL to the feed itself.

Check out my RSS Feed guide on my web development blog over on Medium!

GitHub Integration

GitHub is among the largest and most popular platforms used to host source code for any type of software project. Over the years, it's grown into much more than just a place to keep your Git repositories. It also provides project management features, continuous integration build servers with automated testing support, and social media features like sponsorships.

The GitHub REST API provides developers with the means to access any of GitHub's features programmatically. The Riley Entertainment website currently uses GitHub milestones and issues to keep viewers up-to-date with upcoming improvements.

Check out my Github REST API guide on my web development blog over on Medium!

Youtube Integration

Youtube is the largest video-sharing platform on the web. Developers have a number of ways to integrate Youtube content into a website.

The IFrame API is a client-side JavaScript library used to embed videos or playlists into a webpage.

The Youtube Data API is a REST-like API that provides developers the means to access any Youtube content. The Riley Entertainment website currently uses unlisted playlists to gather information about videos, and display them on a webpage. You can see this in action over on the Eve Online section.

Check out my Youtube Data API guide on my web development blog over on Medium!